Chaser of light, seeker of emotion.

Photography has become an everyday part of my life. Whether I am photographing clients or my own children. I love capturing the simple every day moments through my lens. I want you to have real life moments you can look back on for years. The little moments pass us by all too quickly. I want to document those toes and smiles, giggles and messy faces. There is so much beauty in your day to day, and I love to capture that.

Aside from photography?

  • I am a mom of two beautiful children, living in Toronto Canada.
  • I have a strong love for animals and have worked at a vet clinic for as long as I can remember
  • I could live solely on baked goods
  • Life is not worth living without coffee
  • There is no music like Country music


Natural light photographer who loves making the unscripted beautiful.

Nicole Lewis, Founder